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"Arrows can be a personal way to kill a distant mark, but fireballs are more 'to whom it may concern."

Learn to cast a Fireball spell!

This asset pack comes with all of the art you need to fully incorporate a fireball spell into your game. Each asset comes in 3 to 4 sizes and as .gif and .png.

  • Burn Effect
    • -Single run (40 frames) and looped (20 frames) versions
    • -3 sizes: 48px, 24px, and 12px.
    • -Formatted in .gif, .png images, and .png strip
  • Casting Effect
    • -60 frames
    • -3 sizes: 100px, 50px, and 25px.
    • -Formatted in .gif, .png images, and .png strip
    • -RPG Maker friendly format using 100px images on a sheet of 192px cells.
  • Hit (Explosion) Effect
    • -35 Frames
    • -3 sizes: 120px, 60px, 30px
    • -Formatted in .gif, .png images, and .png strip
    • -RPG Maker friendly format using 120px images on a sheet of 192px cells. Includes a bonus "drop-hit" variant which features the missile falling from above before exploding.
  • Items
    • -Spell scroll, stone tablet, skill disk, and holo-pad
    • -4 sizes: 64px, 48px, 32px, 24px
    • -Formatted in .png images.
  • Missile
    • -30 frames
    • -3 sizes: 60px, 30px, 15px
    • -Formatted in .gif, .png images, and .png strip
  • Skill
    • -3 states: Normal, blued (not enough mana), and greyed (on cooldown/unavailable)
    • -3 sizes: 96px, 48px, and 24px
    • -Formatted in .png images.

License: Upon purchase of this asset pack, the buyer may create derivative works from or with the assets. The assets and any derivative works may be used as part of any personal or commercial product which the buyer creates or participates in creating. The assets may NOT be used as part of logos or trademarks, sublicensed, or redistributed or sold outside of products created with them.

All art assets © 2018 Eight8Diamonds
All art assets made with Aseprite


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Your assets are amazing, do you have any plans to make others like this one and the Lightning one? I would definitely buy them as well.

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Hey, wow, woops! I added a license to the end of the item's description. Thank you for asking!

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Thank you so much! I will!